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Alight Motion — Video and Animation Editor provides desktop-level video editing in a portable package. One of the app's most important points is that it's been entirely designed around mobile devices. From start to finish, everything has been designed to work with touchscreens and smaller form factors.

Users can easily handle simple video editing with the app. However, Alight Motion's real power comes from the fact that it can create and edit animation at a professional level. Keyframe animation is handled through an intuitively designed layout. The scene is presented as the main focus while editing components are intelligently placed to go along with the standard workflow. For example, users working with the "Move & Transform" tool will be able to select editing options from each side of the screen. This puts them in the perfect position to match with the user's grasp as he holds his phone or tablet. Meanwhile, the presentation appears in the top part of the display. This user-friendly design stays constant through most other editing tasks. Editing tasks are always easy and intuitive thanks to the well-thought-out and consistent design.

Alight Motion can even handle relatively CPU intense editing tasks. For example, the app doesn't just work with bitmaps. It can even edit advanced vector graphics. Most editing projects also come with a wide variety of pre-sets. Users can create their own effects from scratch or leverage the built-in power of Alight Motion's library. For example, the app makes it easy to polish animation through a choice of timing curves.

Alight Motion can export projects in a number of different formats. Supported formats include gif, mp4, image sequences, and individual frames in png. It's important to keep in mind that the app will put a watermark on any exported content unless the app has been registered under a paid membership. Watermarks will disappear once the program has been successfully registered.

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