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NKJV Bible Offline Free provides a high-quality English translation of the New King James Bible that can be read offline. The fact that this app works offline can open up a whole new realm of Bible study. One of the biggest reasons comes down to the fact that churches don't always have open wifi points. What's more, a church's older construction often interferes with a phone's data connection. And of course we often simply want to put our phones on airplane mode when we're in church out of simple politeness. All of these reasons boil down to one simple fact - we often can't access the Internet in church. But at the same time, we'll often want to go online to reference bible verses or terminology used in a sermon.

NKJV Bible Offline Free provides the entirety of the New King James Bible in a format that can be read without an Internet connection. This means that we can even read the Bible when our phone is in airplane mode or suffering from an impaired Internet connection. A few taps are all it takes to quickly jump between the various books of the Bible or even specific verses. The app even provides a "verse of the day" feature to begin every day with an inspiring quote from the Bible.