EZVIZ is a security camera management and streaming app. The app makes it easy to manage multiple security cameras at the same time. For example, consider the security needs of a moderately sized home. We might have cameras in the backyard, porch, kitchen and garage. Individually sorting through camera feeds would take a considerable amount of time. But EZVIZ provides a continual overview of every camera's feed on one single screen. If we heard an unusual sound we wouldn't need to check every camera manually. We'd instead just load up EZVIZ and glance over every video feed at the same time.

EZVIZ also makes it easy to manage motion sensors and alarms. Users have the option of enabling or disabling motion sensors on a case by case basis. When a motion sensor is triggered the app will instantly alert us to the potential threat. We can check the relevant camera within seconds. If there is an intruder we can even use the app to transmit audio. The app even makes it easy to record events through the camera for evidence. We can even use IR light to essentially see in the dark if there's evidence of a late night prowler.

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