ePub Reader
package namecom.graphilos.epub
fromGraphilos Studio

This app makes it easy to read ePub ebooks even if you're on a lower end device. The ePub Reader for Android app offers an easy to use interface for selecting and reading ePub formatted ebooks. This ease of use even extends to page controls. Users have two options when flipping pages. You can set it to turn pages with a tap or with a swipe gesture. The app can even render ebooks in a similar way to web pages. The web page view presents ebooks as a long document which you can simply scroll down in the same way you would a website.

The app makes it easy to read ebooks already stored on your mobile device. You can integrate ePub Reader for Android with most file browsers. You simply need to click an ePub file from your device's file browser and ePub Reader for Android will open it up. Users can also browse for ePub files on their device through the app's own file browser.

The ePub Reader for Android app can even browse for epub files over the internet. You simply need to use the app to launch an internally embedded web browser. From this point it's just a matter of loading a site that contains ePub files. Click on one of those links and the app will download the ePub and add it to your library.