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MediBang Paint


MediBang Paint is a digital art program that makes it easy to take projects out into the world. The app provides users with a familiar and easy to navigate system. From the main interface you can select a wide variety of brushes, colors and other elements. In total the program provides over 100 free brushes. These selections essentially create a virtual drawing tool which can be applied to the app's main canvas area. You can use the app to create anything from black and white manga to colorful portraits. This is made even easier thanks to the inclusion of 850 premade components. The program works best with a stylis or similar tool. But even your own finger will do fine with a little practice.

One of the apps most impressive features comes from the fact that it's comparible to desktop based digital art programs. That similarity is anything but coincidental. MediBang Paint can actually run on both mobile and desktop systems. One simply needs to install the program on a mac or windows device to share art between mobile and desktop through the cloud. The app also provides some easy to use shortcuts for common effects. For example, swiping over the canvas will create extra panes within a panel. And you can even add text to an image with speech to text functionality.

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