Microsoft Word: Edit Documents

Microsoft Word: Edit Documents


This app allows you to compose, edit and share Microsoft Word apps from your phone or pretty much anywhere else. Essentially, it gives you more options for using what is the most popular word-processing software in the world.

The app has a built-in editor that allows you to view documents easily, and this is true even if you are using a device with a small screen. Furthermore, the app allows you to swiftly convert your document to PDF form so that you can share it with anyone.

An included template library allows you to use existing forms created by professionals. Whether you are writing a business letter or a legal document, the templates in the gallery have you covered.


Additionally, you can use the track-changes feature to put in your own comments on a document. In fact this app is all about making it easier for you to share and collaborate with anyone anywhere.

The editing features also allow you to look back at earlier drafts to see how the document evolved. In short, no matter what your role is in the creation of a document with a larger team, this app can help you be more effective and enhance the quality of whatever you are writing.

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