fromKineMaster Corporation

KineMaster - Video Editor is a powerful video editing app for mobile devices. The app puts a heavy emphasis on making complex tasks easy to manage on smaller devices. This is generally accomplished by laying out screen elements in a way that maximizes screen real estate. For example, most editing options are presented on the right and left sides of the screen. This makes it easy to select options with your fingers without obscuring the centralized video display or timeline. Likewise, timeline elements are usually presented directly beneath the video to make it easier to move through that sequence without obscuring the video playback.

KineMaster makes it easier than ever to perform basic editing functions. Simple options such as splicing, cropping, and joining videos can all be done with just a few clicks. The app also makes it easy to add simple effects like text or captions. But KineMaster's ease of use translates into the more advanced options as well.

Users can choose from over 2,500 downloadable assets. This selection includes options for almost every available editing function within the app. Users can make use of KineMaster's fonts, animations, transitions, and many other elements. These downloadable extras make it easy to add professional polish in almost no time at all.

Of course KineMaster also lets users handle some of the advanced options by hand. Color filters can create an atmospheric tone as you tweak the shadows, gain, and gamma in any given scene. The app provides options to record and input audio and other media. KineMaster even gives people a keyframe animation tool that can add dynamic motion to layers.

The final video file can be saved at resolutions up to 4k 2160p which runs at 30 fps. KineMaster also makes it easy to share those results over most social media platforms. This includes YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. However, it's important to note that KineMaster will place a watermark on exported video unless the app has been registered.