Libby, by OverDrive
fromOverDrive, Inc.

The Libby app is one of the many different multi purpose audiobook apps that consumers can use in order to obtain information. With this app, consumers can borrow ebooks, magazines and digital catalogs for free. Along with getting access to these sources for free, consumers can also get access immediately after downloading the app and requesting access to the sources. Libby is an app that provides users with more efficient access to ebooks and audio books.

With Libby, you can browse a library of various books, digital catalogs and newspaper articles. This app also allows you to download various titles to read offline as well. Using Libby can also enable users to stream content and save it on their phone or tablet. Along with getting access to various sources of digital literature, you can also send ebooks to a Kindle and listen to the audiobooks through the app on the phone or tablet.

When using Libby, users can also customize the way they access the content as well. The app allows you to adjust the size of the text your read along with the background color and design of the book. You can also zoom into magazines, comic books and ebooks. Using this app enables users to define and search for phrases as well. Libby also allows users to add bookmarks and make notes about the content so that users can easily track where they left off when they finish using the content.