Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D


Pixel Gun 3D is a unique way to get into what makes first-person multiplayer shooters so fun. Between the variety of weapons and gadgets to choose from as well as the many games to play, it has just about everything that would win people over if they're so addicted to a world full of competitive gaming.

There are plenty of worlds to travel in, too, usually in the form of them popping up at specific times of the year, and it even goes well with the zombie-survival campaign that puts your skills to the test. As for the additional highlights of Pixel Gun 3D, you and plenty of other players can participate in the Imposter Mode, where everyone has tasks to attend to while being on the lookout for a backstabber within the spaceship. There are plenty of clans to play in, with a customizable fort to command as you raid other forts and combat PvE sieges, all while obtaining great prizes.

Skins are one of the best aspects of Pixel Gun 3D, with a variety of characters to dress up as with plenty of details all around. It's even possible to make a unique option in the Skin Editor. These will greatly compliment any of the game modes you participate in while also getting involved with any of the minigames that make for a nice change of pace after stepping into the battlefield.

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Pixel Gun 3D