Angry Birds Classic

Angry Birds Classic


The Angry Birds Classic android app by Rovio Entertainment Corporation is a fun and addictive game that doesn't take up much space or demand much processing power. With responsive and interactive controls, this game is an easy way to kill some time when you're bored or in a waiting room. It has a great layout, and its graphics have been improved from other versions! Sure, the same old birds are there, but they each play perfectly to create a well-balanced blend of entertainment.

It has a good mix of original and new levels, and you can play it without worrying about getting interrupted by countless advertisements like the other games in the series. Suitable for fans of the original game and those who haven't played at all yet!

Overall, this is one of the most appealing games in the android market, with low storage needs, little data usage, simple controls, and good graphics(for this type of game). It is entertaining and challenging to put down. And, as a bonus, this android app keeps a record of your high scores. The ability to save your progress in the cloud using either your Facebook or Rovio account makes the app fascinating.

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