TikTok (Asia)

TikTok (Asia)


What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is a video sharing app with social media sharing that follows on the heels of Vine. It allows users to upload short videos not just with their own audio, but with an easy way to mix simple videos over existing music.

It's not just for quick music videos or mashups. Like the storyline videos on many older social media sites, the video feature can send messages, attach text, act as advertisement, or even work as a virtual calling card.

The videos are short, allowing users to binge multiple videos in one sitting or get to their videos later. Because of the short, easy access method of getting video vignettes, lots of people can get lots of views by being on Tiktok.

Getting lots of views can feel good, but be careful if you're a content creator. Having views and converting new clients or permanent viewers are two different things.

If You're Into Social Media Customer Conversion, Invest Carefully

Avoid getting into the trap of thinking that any amount of press is equally good. Sure, being front of eyes at all is better than nothing, but many people are hoping to profit from you being excited over their viewer growth services.

Why is that a problem? People who know nothing about view conversion--or social media at all--are easily impressed. Tell someone that you can get a million views and without any modern social media knowledge, of course they will be excited.

Even worse, tell someone who knows about Facebook, Twitter, and other pre-Tiktok social media about that many views and they will salivate.

A million Tiktok views is not necessarily a million conversions, and you shouldn't let yourself fall into a swamp of positive toxitivity about "something" good coming about it. Know what the services are actually worth, and don't invest a ton of money expecting the same results as getting a million people on more engaging sites.

That's not a discouragement, because while Tiktok conversion should currently be taken with a grain of salt, it's matter of when, not if the site takes viewership more seriously.

Get in early, get in cheap, and learn the culture while everyone is still new to it. That way, you won't have to pay even bigger premiums because you're too late.

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