PUBG MOBILE : Arcane is a mobile game that combines the action-packed gameplay of PUBG with some of the beloved characters and items from League of Legends. The Arcane collaboration is largely used as a tie-in to the Arcane streaming series. But the results are hardly a passive experience. PUBG MOBILE : Arcane provides all of the action players expect from PUBG. The added Arcane content simply adds more of a good thing to an already great experience.

The basic gameplay is centered around a battle royale setup. Players are dropped into an environment where they need to fight for their characters' lives. The social element is further aided by a great matchmaking system that ensures everyone can have a good time even if they can't get their friends together for the experience.

The game's emphasis on mobile platforms makes it a pleasure to use. From beginning to end the game offers unique takes on mobile controls. The game's customizable controls mean that anyone can get in on the fast-paced action. Everyone uses their phone's controls a little differently. And PUBG MOBILE : Arcane takes this into consideration by giving players the ability to modify controls to fit their individual styles.

Of course one of the biggest bonuses of PUBG MOBILE : Arcane is right there in the name - content from Arcane League of Legends. The game brings a Mirror Island that brings Arcane's setting to PUBG. This setting will give players a chance to find Hex Crystals that will eventually heal both the PUBG and Arcane worlds. And with the introduction of a new world comes new characters. PUBG MOBILE : Arcane brings Jinx, Jayce, Caitlyn, and Vi to PUBG. Players can also discover new weapons that will be familiar to anyone who's watched Arcane. The Arcane Champion skills can also be unlocked over the course of the game. This introduces all-new gameplay elements that make the PUBG MOBILE : Arcane something unique even to longtime fans of the franchise.

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