Wave is a GPS service provider and has now launched its android app, which allows you to access all its features right from your mobile device. The app is packed with several features like live navigation, it has maps of various cities available, and users can also track their car or taxi and can use the "traffic alert" service to get alerts on traffic jams. It also provides real-time details of bus routes and other public transport services.

Wave Gps, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation mobile app, can be downloaded through Google play store, or you can visit its official site for direct download links.

Some of the features of this app are below.

1. Tracks your car and warns you in case there is an accident or interruption in travel time by giving an alarm.

2. Function that allows sending text messages to other Wave users without any charges, this feature is called "Wave-to-wave" messaging service, which is available at no extra cost.

3. Users can avail of live navigation with voice alerts and turn-by-turn guidance.

4. Allows users to find their friends who are also using wave or have shared their locations with them. The app has its location-sharing feature called "Friends Nearby".

5. Gps based traffic information services." Traffic Alert" is a function that tracks your location in real-time and alerts you about congestion or any other issues that may cause traffic to come to a complete halt.

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