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Whether you use Outlook, Gmail or some other email service, the Yahoo Mail App has you covered. Essentially, this app allows you to rid your mailbox of clutter without you having to sit for hours pointing and clicking. Furthermore, the Yahoo Mail App allows you to customize your mailbox in such a way that you're seeing the mail you want to see when it comes in and not seeing what you don't know what to see. You can think of it as your partner in efficient email communication.


One great feature of this app is that it allows you to change the views of different types of emails, which means that your brain can adapt to high volumes of mail quickly. For example, emails coming in with attachments can be made to look one way while emails coming in with financial offers can be made to look another. It all depends on what you want.

Additionally, this app will help you get a handle on junk mail. You can see all of the emails from people and organizations that you subscribe to in one view and all of the junk emails in another. The basic idea is that the app does your screening for you.

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