package namecom.youthhr.phonto
OSAndroid , iOS

Phonto is an app that is used to change the fonts of all types of written content on the internet and digital literature. With this app, users can use more than 200 fonts to create the type of content they want to make. Other fonts can also be installed upon the user’s preferences as well. The app also allows you to change the size of text and colors. All text can be rotated when using the app too. All text backgrounds can also be changed as you can create them in various colors.

In order to install a font, users can just download the font file and search for their chosen font on Google. Once the font is found, a user can then open up the file and install it on Phonto. With an easy process, you can choose and install an ideal font within a matter of seconds. This makes the app very convenient if you are looking to create a font that makes written content easier to read.

Using Phonto is an ideal app to use whenever you are looking to write and publish various forms of content Whether you are looking to write an ebook or read text from a digital file, Phonto allows you to ensure that you have a font that makes text look better and offers more clarity when being read. As a result, Phonto can enhance the quality of all types of written content on a mobile device.