ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X


What is ibisPaint?

ibisPaint is a mobile painting app, designed to make drawing, painting, sketching, and other direct art creation easier.

There is a free and paid version, and it features all if not most of the standard tools that competitors such as Adobe's Draw or Sketch, Artflow, Infinite Painter, or Procreate offer. It also offers many advanced tools and styles to give more variety to an artist's style.

One of the most notable features of ibisPaint is its extract line drawing feature right off the bat. When you work with layers and open a project, opening the project immediately gives you an option to separate layers and work with transparent features.

Tools such as Procreate have more steps to create layers with transparency for painting line drawing. It's a set of steps that many artists have to break their creativity and enter technical mode to do, so it's a great quality-of-life improvement.

The full version is currently $7.99 USD.

Ibis Paint Mobile Paid Versus Free Unlocks

The paid version is called ibisPaint, while the free version is ibisPaint X.

With ibisPaint X, you have a limited amount of brushes. However, you can watch ads to remove a brush for free every 18 hours.

When you buy the ibisBrush X remove ads feature, it becomes the standard version. No ads, all of the standard ibisBrush brushes.

There is also a Prime Member service with the following features:

* Prime Materials - Patterns and textures only available in Prime.

*Prime Fonts - Specific fonts only available in Prime.

* Tone Curve filter - A tool for adjusting overall brightness, color balance, and other tone changes in pictures.

* Gradation Map filter - A color gradation that allows more precise color blending across specific areas.

* Clouds filter - Cloud-like effects.

* Reordering artworks in My Gallery - Drag and drop management for your gallery. Change project positions and arrange in the order you want, not just my alphabetical order or date.

* No advertisements in screens

What Could ibisPaint Do better?

To be better in line with competitors, there are a few quality of life features that ibisPaint is missing:

A more compact, dedicated color palate system. Competitors have a color panel that breaks open like its own mini app in a panel. With ibisPaint, you have a basic panel that slides out with basic options, and there's a lot of tapping to access advanced tools.

It's a confusing lack of convenience, because the brushes and other tools works exactly the way the color palate should. When you tap onto blur, for example, it brings up a screen with all of the related settings in a slim panel. If you're already using a brush, tapping blur brings up the brushes and other features.

It also leaves the previous blur settings as needed. This is a clear advantage over Procreate. But strangely enough, Procreate has that convenience in the color palate, but not with the blur tool.

Just add that level of convenience to all tools! Pop out a menu for each tool. Show the basics, allow users to just swipe through things and change.

Using a brush? Tap the brush, make changes to that brush from there. Using blur? Tap blur, make changes to the blur. Changing colors? Open up the colors, tap to bring more color blending and even the brushes or blur.

They're all related and can change each other. It's about context, and to help people understand programming, this is what object-oriented programming is about.

You have a thing. It has all these traits or settings or features that can be changed. Sometimes, those traits are other things! They're not in your face until you need them.

Either way, ibisPaint is very impressive and a great frontrunner in the mobile painting tools world. It gets enough right to make up for what it lacks compared to competitors, and has things its competitors lack.

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