Blue Letter Bible
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The Blue Letter Bible app lets people study the Bible from the comfort of their phone or tablet. One of the app's most important features comes from its active approach to Bible study. The app doesn't simply put forward a single translation of the Bible. It instead provides users with 15 different translations to read. Users can also work with the app's Hebrew and Greek language lexicon to better grasp the original documents. You can even use the app's advanced dictionary and encyclopedia search to get clarification on any given word in English. The app can even open multiple translations of the Bible at the same time for easy comparison.

Blue Letter Bible also provides extensive commentary that users can access from within the app. This includes over 8,000 passages written by forty authors. This, and any other text, can be formatted for easier reading. For example, you can change the text's line-height or font size with just a few clicks. The app can also apply specific formatting to especially important parts of the Bible. This includes the ability to automatically highlight Christ's specific words in red.

Users are also able to add their own notes as they work their way through the Bible. This notation includes simple highlighting with a variety of different colors. But users can also use more advanced notetaking by essentially writing their commentary into virtual notebooks.