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UC Browser is a fully featured web browser that runs on mobile devices. One of UC Browser's most important points is that it delivers the web in the form developers intended and readers desire. It doesn't deliver a cut down experience. Instead, UC Browser provides a wealth of options that allow users to personally tailor their browsing experience. If you want to see the mobile version of a site than you can. But if you'd like to get the full desktop experience than you have that option as well. Users can even pick specific themes to further invidiualize their browsing experience.

One of the first things users will notice about UC Browser is the intuitive speed dial feature. This handy usability function makes it easy to access your most visited sites without the need to search through bookmarks or favorites. What's even more impressive is the fact that most of those, or any other, pages will load up at a surprisingly fast pace. UC Browser uses a combination data compression and individualized sitewide tweaks to load pages as fast as possible. This is further improved with native ad block.

UC Browser benefits from a wide variety of in-house developed technologies. For example, the U4 rendering engine provides a full 20% improvement in web connections. The app's unique video player also ensures that video content will load and play as efficiently as possible. The video player can even be used as a way to listen to podcasts or music. The phone's video playback can even continue when the phone's screen has been turned off. This also gives people the option to listen to video as a background process while doing something else with their mobile device. The browser's usability tweaks also include a night mode. This mode will help users avoid eyestrain and insomnia by shifting colors to make sites more readable at night.

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