Zoom is a program that allows for online meetings with both audio and video capabilities. There are both free and paid versions that have some different features. This program has expanded into business use, online school, telehealth and just for friends to meet online.

Easily Meet Online

Zoom is a versatile program that works on nearly every major system. Not only that, but you can easily meet other people no matter what computer their using. You can use your phone and meet someone else on their laptop, desktop or tablet. This ensures that everyone can meet regardless of what device is most convenient for them.

You'll also find that this is a simple program to use. You can either make your own meeting room or join someone else's room. This is as simple as clicking a link or sending the link to other people. Even new users only need a few minutes to acclimate to Zoom.

Independently Control Audio and Video

There will be times when you're meeting that you don't want people to see or hear you. For example, maybe someone is talking in the background and you need to speak with them. You may also need to eat or do something else that you don't want others to see.

Zoom allows you to independently control audio and video. You can choose to have both on, just one or have both off. This is done by two simple buttons. One looks like a camera for video and the other looks like a microphone for audio. The icons display red marks through them when they are turned off, which makes it easy to know when things are on or off.

You can also make adjustments to the audio and video. This includes changing how loud things sound, the audio source, video color and brightness and much more.

Fun and Professional Backgrounds

Zoom has many backgrounds that you can choose from. These tend to work best if you have a green screen, but they also work if the background is a flat color. Many of the backgrounds already loaded into Zoom are fun and colorful, such as being under the water or in a forest. You can also load your own pictures, such as an office background to make the meeting more professional.

Loading your own backgrounds is very simple and only takes a few seconds. This ensures that you can have something that matches your unique needs.

Screen Sharing

If you're using Zoom for school, telehealth, business or just for fun, then sharing your screen can be very useful. For example, you're making a presentation or you want to show a video that you just found. Instead of sharing that file with everyone, you can instead share your screen and have everyone see and hear what's on your computer.


Zoom is an intuitive program that allows you to video chat with other people. This can be used to talk with friends, business associates, teachers and much more. While there is a paid version with more features, the free version works for many people.

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