The Crunchyroll app is one of the best ways to watch anime on mobile devices. The app ties into the popular Crunchyroll streaming service to give users a huge selection of streaming content. Crunchyroll users can watch over 1,000 anime and 200 live action Drama series from Asia. All of the material available on Crunchyroll is in English. However, the exact nature of the translation differs on a case by case basis. All of the shows on Crunchyroll have English subtitles and Asian audio. However, some shows provide an option to use a dubbed English audio track instead of the standard Asian option.

Crunchyroll provides subscription options for free streaming and premium memberships. A free account limits users to a subset of Crunchyroll's library of TV shows. Users with free accounts will also need to watch advertisements that are interspersed throughout the episodes. These limitations are removed if a user purchases a premium membership.

The Crunchyroll app primarily works around a streaming model. However, users with a paid account also have the option of downloading episodes to watch offline. It's important to keep in mind that this only works with premium accounts. If a user switches from the premium to free account then any downloaded episodes will be rendered unviewable.

Users can also switch between the Crunchyroll app and streaming from the company's website. The Crunchyroll app will automatically sync viewing data between the app and Crunchyroll's site. This ability to synch progress makes it easy to watch a show when away from home and then resume viewing on another device.

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