It is not the official application of Blizzard of Japan, but many people use it overseas.

While Messenger of Japan is more accessible for new users to understand due to the standard emoticons and functions of "Blizzard of America", foreign users tend to be frequently used by domestic people. It would become hard to get rare stamps without this emulator, so I am uploading it here. This is an instant messaging app with a built-in game system to play games while chatting with friends. In addition, as the name implies, you can send images and voice messages. You can play games with friends and people around the world by quickly putting them out in the lobby where everyone is gathering.

Procedure (only for Android) You must be very careful with this procedure, or your account may disappear!

1. Download Bluestacks 3

2. Download Blizzard Messenger ver 4 . 49 here(Japanese only). This site is sending you directly to the Android Market.

3. Unzip the file in step 2 and start Bluestacks

4. In "File Manager", tap the APK you just downloaded in step 2

5. You can open it from "Android > All Apps."

6. Login with your BNet account when starting the app for the first time.

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