YouCut - Video Editor

YouCut - Video Editor


YouCut - Video Editor & Maker is a fully featured video editing suite. The app provides most of the power you'd expect from desktop based video editors. However, YouCut provides that powerful collection of functions in a package specially designed around mobile interfaces.

Of course cutting video is one of YouCut's most important features. The app makes it easy to set specific points in your video for cropping. You can remove unimportant moments in a video for the sake of brevity. Or you can insert additional video into an existing file to create a new visual masterpiece.

YouCut also gives users the ability to work with a video's audio tracks. This comes in two forms. You can choose from a number of different musical selections provided by YouCut. Or you can import and use your own music for any given video file.

The app also makes it easy to add some extra flair to your video. Users can adjust almost any aspect of the video's color presentation. This includes saturation, brightness and related properties. YouCut isn't limited to adjusting existing properties either. You can also use a wide variety of high-quality filters and special effects to catch a viewer's eye.

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