If only there were a digital means of uploading our files securely to free up much-needed storage space on our personal devices. Well, we're in luck! Dropbox is the solution!

For individuals who've stumbled into the dreaded "insufficient storage space" notification while saving photos, videos and music, they know how annoying it can be to filter through old media for deletion. And, to be fair, who wants to scroll through years of content and choose which files are "worthy" of being saved?

With Dropbox, this problem no longer needs to control our digital archives or force us to remove beloved photos and files. To start archiving data, users should download the Dropbox app from their respective store, create a free account, sync it to their device and begin uploading. Within a matter of minutes, you can store precious memories and content from years past.

And if you think your files are going to be stolen or harvested by hackers, think again! Dropbox utilizes a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm that encrypts your files. Without getting into the technical details, this means that even in the event a hacker stole your files, they could never reveal the contents.

For digital users who love to capture beautiful moments with breathtaking photos and videos, the Dropbox application is a no-brainer.

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