The Sims™ FreePlay

The Sims™ FreePlay


What Is Sims Freeplay?

Not to be mistaken for Sims Mobile, Sims Freeplay is a mobile game developed along with Sims 4.

You can build multiple levels such as patios, basements, rooftop studios, double-level rooms, and balconies.

Players are able to manage up to 40 separate properties with two different property sizes, giving a lot of customization for a mobile game. The features are a vast improvement over the branded Sims Mobile game, but Freeplay has had a lot more time in development--10 years as of this review.

Sims Freeplay doesn't have a forced clock like many mobile games. Unlike many mobile games that have long--hours or almost a day--tasks that encourage you to buy speed-up items, Freeplay is a bit closer to the normal Sims experience.

There are still quests and hobbies to complete, such as career objects, design requests, benchmarks in your learning or career to achieve, and many other tasks. Thankfully, they're not time-gated with smaller tasks that require lots of more energy or delays.

What is the cash shop component? Is it just cosmetics? While decorative items are a big part of the real money side of Sims Freeplay, there is a slight gameplay barrier.

As mentioned earlier, energy is needed for some tasks. Energy is basically the amount of actions you can complete, and it's not exactly like the PC/Mac version of Sims energy.

You can let your Sims regain their energy--which means waiting--or pay for more energy. This is, of course, ways to watch ads for rewards that include energy.

Is This Like Sims for PC or Mac?

This is not a PC game, it is a mobile game and should not be compared to the desktop computer-oriented games such as Sims 3 and Sims 4.

Different product with different system demands. The only similarities are being in the same franchises and a few style similarities with Sims 3.

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