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Among Us is a cool online multiplayer game that emerged on the gaming scene in 2018. After two years in circulation, the app saw a rather substantial surge in public consumption that was largely attributable to online content creators in South Korea and Brazil.

Likewise, with so many people staying at home during this time, many gamers found a lot of benign distraction in this essentially narrativeless platform you didn’t have to think too deeply about. If you were to pitch the game as a concept, however, you’d have to describe it as an amalgamation of the social deduction game Mafia and John Carpenter’s feature film The Thing.

Among Us is set in a space-like environment with the characters presented as particolored, jellybean-like astronauts without arms. The most recent updates introduced a spaceship called “The Skeld” with a collection of new maps. You can assume the role of Crewmate or Imposters, with a majority of players playing as the astronaut crew. The appearance of the role-player character is the same in either case.

Ultimately, the goal of the game is to identify Imposters. The way this is done, Crewmates follow the map while engaging in several various assigned tasks. Imposters, on the other hand, aim to covertly sabotage the efforts to complete those missions by eliminating Crewmates before they can accomplish them. If a player is assumed to be an Imposter, a vote is initiated among the remaining players through the process of “reporting a dead body” or calling an “emergency meeting,” assuming there is no ongoing “crisis” at the time.

In general, Among Us has been met with rave reviews. In late 2020 a sequel was announced but later dismissed as the developers wanted to continue focusing on the game’s original release. As a multiplayer game, you can up to fourteen at a time with a recommended minimum of five. If player a Crewmate, you’ll be assigned tasks to complete within the virtual gaming world. Imposters are perceived to be doing the same, however, they are just pretending to complete tasks on the ship while impeding the efforts of Crewmates. Imposters close off paths by shutter doors or travel through ventilation systems to find and destroy Crewmates, eliminating them from the game.

Crewmates, in turn, utilize a surveillance system that can be found on the maps and an administration system on The Skeld to aid them in identifying imposters who aren’t really completing tasks. Once a Cewmate is eliminated, the player becomes a ghost within the virtual world. Ghosts cannot communicate with living Crewmembers. But, being transparent, they can walk through walls and aid those Crewmates in performing tasks.

Among Us has been phenomenally popular on Android over the last three years with the downloadable free-to-play version accounting for more than 97% of its users. With more than 500 million players worldwide and some creative chat features, Among Us is a super fun way to connect with online gamers all over the world. Plus, joining a game is simple. All you need is code to hop right in!

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