Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations


What is the Microsoft Office Powerpoint App?

This is a mobile version of the popular slideshow presentation program from Microsoft.

Powerpoint presentations are a mainstay of delivering information--to the point where the word slideshow seems weird to some. Powerpoint is indeed the brand name, and though there are many presentation alternatives (all of which work with Powerpoint for the sake of flexibility), its here to stay.

The main point of this app is to create slides, which are text, pictures, videos, and other multimedia. It makes delivering information easier, since mixing media makes it easier to get the gist of information instead of reading a sea of text.

Does the Mobile App Compare to the PC or Mac Version?

For the most part, Powerpoint's core services are the same on every platform. There are a few quality of life features that are limited to Windows versions, which is more of a company loyalty thing than a system power thing.

On every version of Powerpoint, you can do the following:

Play and Edit Audio.

Change from Right to Left (RTL) text for different languages.

Add, remove, and change comments.

Mention people by their username/handle with the @ feature.

Real time co-authoring, meaning you can see edits as they happen.

Recent activity notifications (this is on every feature EXCEPT PowerPoint for the Web).

Highlight revisions.

There are many convenient parts of Powerpoint that have been added over the years, but if you just want the classic era of creating slides, that's available on every version.

The version differences come to the audio editing. While every version can play audio, some versions have limited audio editing features. That said, Powerpoint isn't great for editing audio in the first place.

It's better to use programs such as Audacity, OBS (OpenBroadcastSoftware), or Handbrake to make and then edit audio. Sure, you need to learn additional tools, but it's really better to get into those simple tutorials and learn those programs than mess around in Powerpoint's audio editing.

Solid app, does what Powerpoint has always done, and the only barriers are extra features that you can open up with a web browser for the most part.

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