Happy Color®: Coloring Book

Happy Color®: Coloring Book


Pixel Art: Color By Number is a coloring game designed to be both relaxing and fun. Users simply tap into numbered boxes to color fun pixel-based art. The game begins by choosing from over 15,000 different images. These include some of the most popular options from coloring books designed for adults. For example, we can choose complex options such as mandalas. If we want easier options then the app has us covered there as well. Users can browse through everything from complex flowers to elegantly simple unicorn designs.

The choices aren't limited to those initial 15,000 images either. Pixel Art: Color By Number updates with new images every single day. And every holiday brings with it some specially themed pictures. These seasonal events make it easy to build up a whole collection of themed images. But you don't have to limit yourself to official artwork. You can easily upload and pixelated your own photos or images to use with the app.

Pixel Art: Color By Number also makes it easy to get the hang of coloring complex images. If an image is proving more frustrating than fun then you can make use of the coloring boosters. Coloring boosters act like a larger scale fill function that makes coloring a breeze.

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