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Like any game with a cash shop/pay to play premium system, player versus player (PVP) can be a problem. It often comes down to the people who pay versus other people who play, while free players just eat the scraps.

The weekly goals are a look into how the game isn't really balanced for anyone. Massive clans are able to complete their weekly objectives in a day and have nothing else to do.

Great if your only goal is to win on a game and not enjoy any other features, but for anyone who has played games more than a year, that kind of hollow victory isn't enough. There's literally nothing else to do if you're in a top clan.

On the other end, players who aren't pushing the envelope and paying into the game can't complete the goals. Don't read that as having enough content or being fulfilled; the difficulty feels like a barrier that forces you to pay regularly.

Clan War objectives just aren't a good fit at the moment for both payers and free players. There's no middle ground; no reasonable objectives for free players and no pushback for people who pay, but still want a challenge with their power.

For people who believe in the old days of paying once for a game and are willing to do that, there still isn't a middle ground. There isn't a real "buy a little" or "buy once" to get a sweet spot of content.

But, that's what reviews are for, and hopefully Supercell can achieve the much-needed balance. It's a very realistic and bright future!

What Quality of Life Changes in Demand?

Supercell has a lot on its plate, and as far back as 2019, players have been making organized requests to make the game better.

Clans are very limited in comparison to other game groups in many other, older games. Clash Royale stands on the shoulders of MMORPG guilds, Free Companies, Link Shells, Clans, Platoons, and many other groups that really push the social aspect and camaraderie.

That is, after all, what keeps many people playing. Some people might truly be pumping time and money into the game as solo players, but the main thing that has kept people glued to online games has been the lasting friendships while also playing the games.

Clash Royale could enhance their social engine by allowing Clan leaders a way to pay out rewards to players, set permissions for player ranks in order to give their members ways to rank up in their Clan, and a calendar with a message system.

Discord exists for communication, but having sticky notes and pins with an in-game pin system makes it even easier.

While spam is certainly an issue on any game, do Clan leaders really need limits on sending messages? Maybe tie the amount of messages sent to the Clan's power. The more work a Clan puts into their progress, the more they can communicate, broadcast, and collab.

That way, even if some gold seller or scammer decides to reveal that their Clan was a sales pitch all along, the members still had something to do.

It's all about giving us better ways to work together.

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