fromApp Camera, Inc.

This app provides users with a high-quality camera that can work with both still images and video. Camera for Android packs a lot of functionality into an easy to use interface. Users are initially presented with a familiar set of controls. One can simply press a touchscreen button to take a picture or record video. However, more advanced features are only a few more clicks away.

Camera for Android also lets us take panoramas. Users simply need to rotate 360 degrees to record an interactive panorama. The app automatically takes care of any instability or other issues which might occur when trying to create a panoramic presentation. The app's ability to correct for environmental issues also extends to many other areas. The app can even step in to automate some processes. This includes giving us the ability to take timed photos with a countdown function.

The app also helps users adjust to different lighting conditions. The white balance options make it easy to adjust for various times of the day. And the app can also try to handle these options automatically. The screen mode also provides different options to match the challenges associated with different conditions.

Camera for Android isn't limited to phones either. The app provides a dynamic interface that works well on both phones and tablets. This ensures that you'll always be able to rely on the app's functionality no matter what device you have on hand.