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A Brief Review of Pluto TV App.

Pluto is a streaming app used for older TV shows that were already on syndication. Since a lot of old TV shows are on free streaming sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo, the people who started Pluto saw an opportunity.

Instead of visiting a bunch of bad quality videos, and instead of sending copyright strikes while leaving people with nowhere to watch shows they've been looking for, Pluto uploaded better versions of older shows.

They also had a lot of indie videos, like Funny or Die's video network, The Young Turks's TYT Network, and RocketJump. Old school YouTubers are always looking for ways to branch out, so this was an option for creators who were big enough to strike out on their own, but not yet ready to start investing big enterprise dollars while hoping for ad revenue.

Today, Pluto is part of the Viacom group of companies. The owner will probably change a lot, and its actually part of ViacomCBS, but both names are divisions of the major CBS Corporation of old.

Because of their backing, you can see a lot of the old Viacom/CBS shows that used to show as reruns on daytime TV. Properties can be bought and sold, but the app works smoothly and all you need to worry about is whether your show is available.

Availability changes all the time on all streaming sites, so it's not much of a debate to have.

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