package namewp.wattpad
OSAndroid , iOS

Wattpad takes the age-old art of storytelling and gives it a platform for the digital age. With the Wattpad app, you can write your own stories in the language of your choice and then share them with a community of over 90 million people around the world.


Wattpad readers can leave comments on stories and also give support. The app is a storyteller's dream, and you no longer need a book publisher to reach a massive global audience; you just need the app and an internet connection.

Make it big

Entertainment professionals use Wattpad to keep an eye on emerging talent. You may be able to become a professional yourself if your writing gets noticed in the right way! You can write in whatever genre you choose, from romance to horror, and your words will be made available for an audience that is known to be interested in storytelling.

Some things never change, and the appeal of a good story is one of them. Wattpad takes stories that were once just told around the campfire and makes them global. In short, this app is a storyteller's dream, and it allows you to truly express yourself.