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Gacha Life is an anime-style social game with lots of costumes, hair styles, accessories, and other customization options.

It follows in the footsteps of games like GaiaOnline/Go-Gaia, IMVU, Kissake, and other games where you can hang out with friends, play games, compare outfits, and just have a good distraction.

There is also TikTok-like feature, where people in Gacha can make videos, post, and share them with the community.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Gacha Life community only has basic filtering. Although Gacha Life may seem to be aimed to children--or specifically teenagers--it lacks a lot of the controls and social blocking that many children's games have.

For example. in most social games designed for children, there is no way to bring outside media to the app or in-game world itself. That's because there's no easy way to moderate or view every single upload that comes into the game.

No, no company is going to hire enough moderators to do that. Not even with every single concerned parent sending an email about it. Good moderation costs a lot of money per representative, and every single example of hiring lower paid people to view questionable content for filtering ends in disaster.

By disaster, I mean people giving pennies-worth of effort because they're paid pennies.

Instead, its up to parents to know what the community is like, where their parents are going in the community, and how engaged their children are. The platform is mostly teens, but there's no rule stopping older people from joining. Specifically, the designs are just great for a lot of people into Japanese anime design.

That preference has no age, and while many people with such design preferences may choose other apps or social areas, it's still very likely that other adults are on the platform. That's actually a good thing, although the immediate negative point is that potentially dangerous adults will also likely be on the app.

The chat feature was removed from the game because of those reasons. This isn't a Gacha Life-specific problem and forget about questionable adults; if people are on the internet, people can be foul or cruel. A few bad people ruin it for everyone, as usual.

Skits are, however, still a part of the system. The uploaded videos mentioned before can be created with the in-game avatars, and since there's no easy way to review the skits, anything can be uploaded.

Skits can be reported, but like anything on the internet, content can travel a long way until staff gets to a report, reviews it, and deletes it if it warrants deleting. Why would it take a long time? Even if you're reporting a legitimate problem, the target audience is still kids. Teen drama doesn't change because cute anime characters are around.

Gacha Life is questionable because it does what it does too well, and the world just doesn't have a way to fix its problems. For people into cute anime aesthetics and clothes customization, it's the current world of great fashion--and paying money.

Just beware the usual threats of internet stranger danger.

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