Free Fire

Free Fire


Free Fire is a shooter survival game where up to 50 players are all fighting for their own survival on an island. You are armed with weapons, if you can find them, but the one thing you have to rely on most is your own ability to keep your cool in this extremely fast-moving game. Free Fire was one of the most popular downloads in the world in 2019, and the latest edition is simply awesome.

Every man for himself

The game starts out with all the players on the same plane, and each chooses where on the island they will parachute. The right drop zone can be an asset, but the wrong one can be a death trap. From there, the scramble for weapons is on, and the combat begins.

As players are eliminated, the space available for combat on the island shrinks. This means that the longer you stay in the game, the physically closer you are to your enemies. The graphics on this game were designed to be viewed on all platforms, including phones, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything because of how you choose to play. This is a game that rewards reflexes, patience and the will to survive.

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