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Edjing Mix Free Music DJ app is free music mixing app. It can create remixes of songs from your library or streaming services, as well as from their vast selection of loops and samples. The app comes with a set of virtual turntables, sampler pads, effects units, and a mixer that allow you to mix either on your phone or tablet. Here is a review of some features that make this DJing software worth downloading, as well as pointers on how to use it.

This free music mixing app can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS devices running version 11 or higher, and Google Play store for Android users with versions above Jelly Bean (v.25). The installation process is easy if you have access to these stores. If not, then try downloading through a computer where the device's operating system will most likely allow file sharing apps like Kies Air or Xender. It does require an internet connection either way though to work properly.

Edjing Mix offers several features that are similar to other DJing software—including essential ones such as audio effects syncopation, looping, cue points beat detection, etc. —that make this program stand out. The "Live Remix" mode allows users to sample and mix tracks using the app's 16 multi-touch turntables, sampler pads, and effects units.

With its sleek interface, it is easy for users to understand how this DJing software works even without prior experience with other apps like Traktor or Virtual Dj. However, if you are familiar with these programs, then you will find yourself right at home when getting started on your remixes quickly. Some features make learning difficult though—including the relatively short tutorial video available on their website which does not explain enough how certain aspects work.

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