Grammarly is writing software that can be useful to anyone who writes. It goes beyond traditional tools such as spell-checkers and becomes more of a writing assistant to the author using it. For example, not only does it find grammar, spelling and mechanical errors, it can suggest synonyms for words and much more.

Highly customizable

This software uses artificial intelligence to truly figure out where the author is coming from and help them get where they want to go. It's not designed to replace human writers, but it is designed to empower them. Grammarly has been on the market since 2009, and the company continues to update it on a regular basis to make it even more helpful to writers.

Different writers have different needs, and Grammarly can be adjusted accordingly. The look of the interface is very important when writing and proofreading, and, with Grammarly, you can adjust the brightness and other variables.

It is with punctuation that Grammarly can be truly useful. This software is very intelligent about not only identifying mistakes the writer has made but also suggesting the correct method initially. Furthermore, you can even pick the dialect of English you want to work in. There's a big difference between American English and Australian English!

Grammarly can even help you keep a piece of writing in a consistent tone. If you business letter is getting a little too casual or your friendly letter is getting a little too serious, Grammarly can help get back on track. Essentially, the software carefully analyzes the context of the words you are using and helps you pick the best ones for the task at hand.

Your writing is always protected with this app because Grammarly takes your privacy very seriously. Furthermore, the software can be used in multiple languages.

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