Controlling your computer, whether laptop, personal computer, or desktop, from your phone, sounds impressive. Then that’s what this excellent app by the name Vysor does as it gives one control to use their apps, play games use a mouse and keyboard using an android in your computer. The Vysor app allows one to go wireless and at the same time offer them an opportunity to mirror their android phone on their desktop. The Vysor application comes in handy when one wants to make a presentation and the materials to get presented are on the phone.

Sharing your android phone screen with other devices remotely places Vysor at the leading front of the apps digitizing modern presentations. However, carrying an emulator and a projector everywhere is tiresome, and that is what the developers of this fantastic application Vysor have done. As a result, it’s now seamless to work with your android phone as a projector and emulator simultaneously. In addition, Vysor comes with other advanced capabilities, such as allowing one to debug and test other applications remotely using a wide range of devices.

It’s important to note that Vysor is currently available on Android, and installing the application is relatively easy. Therefore, installing the application and testing other applications is quite simplified, especially with the available guide one can follow either on YouTube or their official website.

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