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Avakin Life


The Avakin Life app allows you to create a three-dimensional avatar of yourself, and, from there, the sky is the limit. On this app, you can dress your avatar in an endless assortment of wardrobes, create your dream home and then leave it to travel wherever your spirit takes you.

It's also easy to share stories and tips with other Avakin Life users through the game's strong social-media platforms. You can even make and post videos, and this means that you're showing, and not just telling, others about your fantastic personal adventures.

A virtual dream

With the Avakin Life app, you can imagine any life you choose. This applies to your social life as well. The app allows you to find other virtual people to socialize with, and then you can go out with them wherever you want. Whether you prefer to socialize at a rock club or at a beach, the app makes it easy to go to the destination of your choice, and the stunning three-dimensional graphics allow you to feel as if you are actually on site.

You can even travel to the moon if that's what you want! This app is all about creating adventures, and you can solve mysteries, explore the jungle and much more. The animation options are extremely compelling. This app is about living a virtual life on your own terms, and there is no more enjoyable way to escape the real world than in Avakin Life.

Latest version

The latest version contains a number of excellent upgrades. To start with, the bugs that users noticed in earlier versions are gone. Next, the role-playing experience has been enhanced in a number of ways. Essentially, the latest version is more like reality, but this is a reality of your choosing.

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