Jurassic World™: The Game

Jurassic World™: The Game


Jurassic World lets you raise a group of dinosaurs to compete against other players. Once you start up Jurassic World, you'll be granted your virtual version of Jurassic World to grow. Players are tasked with creating and upgrading buildings in Jurassic World, boosting their stats over time.

To gain dinosaurs in Jurassic World, players can earn card packs containing over 100 different dinosaurs to collect. Players are also given the chance to pay for card packs at their leisure.

Once a player has their dinosaurs ready, they have the choice of fighting between AI or real players. Real players can be found from all around the world, all coming in different skill brackets. Overall, Jurassic World seems like a fun game to play for anyone who loves the strategy genre of video games.

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