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What Does the Mefree Player Do?

This media player is formerly called the Mefree player, an app from Ellen Sweet Inc designed to play mp3, mp4, wmv, avi, mkv, dv, rm, mp, mpeg, and many other extensions.

It's a relatively small media player, capable of adding multiple codec plugins for file formats and filter rules that you might need for custom or unconventional video or audio files.

It does all of the basic jobs that a media player does. Why have multiple media player options? Because sometimes, different apps have one or two things missing that you can find in another app.

What makes this one worth downloading? VCD support. It's hard to find a mobile media player that handles VCDs well and doesn't require pay or extreme ad interruptions.

The app has ads, but it's not too intrusive and the full version price is fair. There's continuous play options, multi-core decoding to make playback more efficient (less stuttering because of your phone's power, nothing to do with internet speed).

One problem is that finding your files can be a pain. The gallery system isn't very intuitive, and it takes time for the files to load. This can give the impression that the player isn't detecting the files. Rest assured, they're still in place.

If you're trying to stream videos across your network, keep in mind that you need to open ports that the player can see. Go into the settings of any media player, look for the listening ports, and either open those ports on your router or change the ports to what you usually open.

If you're not experienced in networking or have no idea what that last paragraph means, do a search for media player port forwarding. It means opening digital holes for files to flow through on purpose. Follow the instructions and you're good.

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