FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire


FreeCell by Mobility Ware is a neat mobile version of the solitaire card game made popular by the Microsoft Windows operating system in the mid-1990s. The Android version of this game has been intuitively developed to include several features that make it ideal for players on the go. If you are familiar with FreeCell on Windows, there is a good chance that you will prefer this mobile app version.

The object of FreeCell is as simple as it gets: Once the 52-card deck is dealt on the tableau, you get four spots above where you can move them to in ascending order and according to their suit. These spots are cells, and since this is a mathematical card game there are thousands of permutations that correspond to each cascading deal of the deck. Once all cards have been moved to their cells and off the tableau, victory will be yours.

Moving cards around can be accomplished by tapping or dragging gestures on the touchscreen. FreeCell can be played in portrait or landscape mode; the latter is better for players who are accustomed to the Windows version, but the portrait mode works seamlessly.

Additional FreeCell features include the ability to undo moves in case you think of a better move. The games can be fully randomized, but you can just work your way through the known games, which are exponential. You do not have to worry about starting over if you are interrupted because FreeCell will automatically save at the last action taken. Should you find a game too challenging, you can resort to hints or simply enable the autocomplete function so that you can watch the game being solved. This game is easy to learn, but the app includes a comprehensive tutorial in case you are new to FreeCell.

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