Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile


Smart Switch is an app that allows you to move your applications and games from one Android device to another. It can be used in cases where the devices are not compatible with each other or when you want to upgrade to a new phone.

Smart Switch is handy for multiple devices but doesn't want to waste time copying data manually. The application enables the synchronization of contacts, messages, photos, music and videos between different models of smartphones running on Android OS.

In addition, the app has a web interface in which you can control your devices, even if they are connected to the Internet.

The application is free and easy to use, with an intuitive design that allows users to move files from one device to another in just three steps.

Smart Switch supports the following devices:

Samsung devices running Android OS version higher than Android Lollipop

LG devices running Android OS version higher than Marshmallow

Other brands of smartphones or tablets support NFC and Bluetooth connections.

To transfer data from one device to the next using Smart Switch, both devices must have internal memory storage of 500MB.

Assuming you are utilizing a wired association, your gadget should uphold a 'Moving media documents (MTP)' USB choice to permit content to be moved. In addition, assuming you have a non-Samsung device that continually disengages from the remote organization, go to Advanced Wi-Fi on your gadget, turn off the "Wi-Fi instate" and "Separate low Wi-Fi signal" choices, and attempt once more.

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