The SoundCloud music and audio app is a free app that gives the user access to over 20 million commercial music acts, lesser-known independent artists, musicians, disc jockeys, and podcasters, and more than 200 million tracks as well. SoundCloud provides listeners with song suggestions, specific genre charts, and both curated and personally created playlists. Featured tracks span a musical melange of multiple music genres such as alternative, blues, classical, country, electronic, experimental, hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock, techno, and more. However, SoundCloud is more than the largest music and audio streaming service in the world.

Aspiring performers are able to record their own songs and instrumentals right into their smartphones and share them with a worldwide community of members. SoundCloud users are also able to connect and interact with both music acts and fellow fans in real-time. They can even support their favorite entertainers via comments, likes, and reposts. SoundCloud is compatible with Android and iOS.

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