Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic


Solitaire Classic provides users with a digital reproduction of the classic card game solitaire. Just like the card game, Solitaire Classic can be played on your own. But it's also uniquely suited to the modern mobile environment. You can take advantage of both a leaderboard and achievements to keep challenging yourself to improve your strategy. Just like with a standard game of solitaire, you're ultimately facing off against yourself in a game of both luck and strategy. But if you'd rather practice than play a serious game then the app still has you covered. Solitaire Classic offers multiple ways to score any given session. These include options for Vegas, Classic, and no scoring at all.

The app's interface couldn't be easier to use. You can simply use the standard mobile drag and drop actions or single taps to work with stacks or individual cards. On top of that, the combination of solitaire's familiar rules and an equally familiar interface make the app especially easy to get the hang of. Most users will be able to quickly jump into a standard game of solitaire within seconds of starting the app. And if you make a mistake within the game there's no need to worry. The app provides unlimited use of an undo function that can rollback any mistakes.

Solitaire Classic also offers some advanced functionality within its easy-to-use interface. The game runs equally well on both phones and tablets. If someone has multiple Android devices they'll find that their stats synchronize between all of them. This synchronization doesn't require any extra effort on the user's part. Instead, everything is handled automatically by Solitaire Classic. You can even stop a game on one device and start it back up again on another.

Users will also enjoy the app's beautiful HD presentation. The app provides detailed HD designs for all of its cards. And the artwork is made all the more immersive thanks to a wide variety of animations which can be seen as the game progresses.

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