Sound Booster

Sound Booster


Sound Booster is a free Android app that amplifies audio from your phone. It boosts the system's volume and music playback by 20-40%, depending on the device. The app is straightforward to use; just open it and click "Boost Volume" to turn up the sound.

Sound Booster is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for louder audio from their device. No root access is needed!

With Sound Booster, it's simple to make the notifications sound perfectly audible even in a crowded area. It optimizes your phone music volume for all songs and videos. The app will make the best of your phone's speaker/earphone sound quality and volume with advanced audio technology ( smart interpolation ).

If you have loudspeaker problems with your device, this is a perfect solution. Just open the app, click "Boost Volume," and enjoy louder sounds from your phone's speakers right away without any further actions or configurations! This works not only for playing music but also when using Google Maps navigation or watching movies.

If you want to improve the volume on your Android device and make it sound better, download Sound Booster now. It's an easy and free solution for making music and other audio on your Android phone or tablet sound better.

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