Amerigo is a file manager that can easily upload/downloads files to/from cloud storage accounts.

Features include: - Two-way transfer of files between PC/cloud storage to an iOS device - File manager for different types of files (photos, images, music, videos) - Access all local file directories through a standard window - Virtual two-panel mode for drag n drop file management - Support for cloud storage accounts from OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

The app is easy to use, and even a novice user could start using it right away. This is especially true when transferring files from a PC. The app can easily detect your PC; you only need to choose the type of file that will be shared and enter any cloud storage information in case you want to upload/download from there too. Transferring files from iOS device to PC is another easy routine as well


One notable feature in this app is its support for a virtual two-panel mode which allows you to work on all types of files by simply dragging them with your finger. While removing, users can choose where they would like their file(s) sent: a specific folder or a particular destination on a cloud drive. If one particular folder exists on a drive, the file will be placed there. When you drag n drop a file to a different drive, it automatically creates a copy of that file inside your desired destination.

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