Tor Browser

Tor Browser


It’s no secret that web browsing is tracked. Most websites actually have users confirm they’re aware of this when they accept cookies or other functionality. Tor Browser is the official Android application to access the full extent of the web, with privacy and security no other default browser can offer. The Tor project is a non-for-profit organization that’s received funding from both public and private sector organizations to build an unbiased open-source method of communicating on the internet unmonitored.

The Tor Browser relies on a collection of relay systems to bounce the users search and site results globally to make any trace of the origin request and browser fingerprint indiscernible. The application is designed specifically to combat all known surveillance systems implemented by domestic and foreign government and enterprises. The Tor Browser is an essential tool for reporters, government employees, and concerned citizens. Tor protects its users by leveraging multi-layered encryption software and a network of servers run by thousands of volunteers. Users should also consider downloading the essential companion applications to ensure they have access to the complete functionality of both the browser and the onion relay network that powers its security.

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